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As ridiculous as it sounds, I became bored with interviewing bands towards the end of my radio career in 2006. Soon after I departed the radio world, I found myself surrounded by measuring spoons, chicken stock and I developed a slight obsession with Japanese Chef Knives. I’ll quickly and vaguely gloss over the minor detail of nearly meeting my maker after owning two restaurants and bring it back around to dabbling in the music business, once again. The radio days were 99.5% (insert rolling eyes emoji here) audio, this go around, the visual medium of concert photography. Local, national, rock, country or blue grass trip-hop, it doesn’t matter; if it’s on a stage, I Go Click.


In October 2018, I traveled to Houston, TX. to cover the 94.5 Buzzfest. View photos of Chevelle, Creed’s Scott Stapp, The Struts, Grandson, Badflower, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, The Nixons and Puddle of Mudd. These photos will also appear as social media promotional material for LA Lloyd’s nationally syndicated radio program “Rock 30 Countdown”.

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Street photography is and can be anything you capture through a lens. I like the idea of picking a location and “figuring it out” as you go. Human subjects, an unknowing public, architecture, city landmarks or a tossed aside coffee cup; it doesn’t matter to me. Just Go Click and see what happens.

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